Our Industries

Who are our clients?

You could put it like this: everyone who uses technology to not only move data, but the physical world. admeritia specializes in security for automation technology.

We know the worlds, languages, enthusiasm and troubles of manufacturers, integrators and operators of automation technology. The security of your control systems, controls and field devices is what concerns us - regardless of whether you are automating critical infrastructures or production processes.

We also know which regulatory requirements apply to you, we have changes coming your way on our radar, and for you, we bring order to the confusing world of security standards. We can because we help shaping the most important security standards.

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Regulatory requirements

If you fall under these regulatory requirements, want to build a technically and operationally effective security and take the reins of your systems’ security, we have solutions for you.

Critical Infrastructures (KRITIS) EU council directive 2008/114/EC
IT security requirements catalogue under section 11(1a) and (1b) of the German Energy Act
Hazardous Incident Ordinance (StörV) / KAS 51 Operational Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) / EmpfBS 1115
VDE / VDI 2180 Functional safety in the process industry
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC


Your contact person

Andreas Eichmann
Senior Account Manager

Tel.: +49 2173 20363-0
Email: info-at-admeritia.de

We’re looking forward to hear your security requirements!